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Pool Lighting

Pentair® AmerLite®

Amerlite, the world standard of reliability for underwater lights, features a stainless-steel shell, a 8.375-in. prismatic tempered glass lens and a stainless-steel face ring with uni-tension clamp. Amerlite systems are UL Listed to install in full-sized Pentair, American, PacFab and Purex niches.

- World standard of reliability

- Superior light diffusion

- Low water cutoff

- Lens covers available in blue, red, green and amber

- Plastic snap-on face rings available for stainless-steel lights


Pentair® AmerBrite®

Upgrade to the best pool lighting technology available with the high-efficiency AmerBrite LED lamp. Not only will you experience the breathtaking color and luminous splendor of LED technology, you’ll also enjoy the savings, which come from an extended service life and high efficiency.

- AmerBrite color lamps use 36W of power, while white lamps use between 34W–51W

- Color lamps feature 5 brilliant fixed colors; 7 dazzling preprogrammed light shows

- Lens can be rotated 180° to provide wide or narrow beam pattern

- Superior reflector design creates more uniform light distribution

- LED technology provides longer life

- Solid-state technology with no internal filament

- The only UL and cUL Certified LED replacement lamp for Amerlite incandescent fixtures

- Available in 120-V or 12-V versions


Pentair® Fountain Lights & Fixtures

Bathe your fountains with vivid white, a custom color or a constantly changing spectrum with Pentair Fountain Fixtures. Easy to install, these fixtures are the only ones to offer true color-lighting capabilities.

- Sturdy cast-bronze construction with attractive natural bronze finish

- Base and yoke-mount rotate 360° and pivot 180°

- Integrated bonding lug for electrical safety

- Exclusive strain-relief prevents damage to wiring connections

- Niche installation option available

- Large fixture for use with the Amerlite® and AmerQuartz® Lights listed for fountain use

- Small fixture for use with AquaLight® and SpaBrite® Lights listed for fountain use

- For use with Pentair Fountain Fixtures and Niche Kits

- Same functionality and color cycles as the standard IntelliBrite® 5g Lights for swimming pools

- Selectable beam pattern lens for standard and wide beam angle options


Pentair® SpaBrite®

SpaBrite lights are available with either stainless-steel or triple-chrome-plated brass face rings. This energy-efficient light is perfect for spas and areas where space is not available for a full-size light. SpaBrite lights install in small plastic or stainless-steel Pentair niches.

- Prismatic tempered glass lens

- Stainless-steel housing

- Easy-service stainless-steel clamp

- Incandescent 12-V and halogen 120-V lamp

- Low water cutoff

- Easy to service

- Plastic snap-on colored face ring covers available


Pentair® MagicStream® Laminars

MagicStream Laminars add dramatic sights and sounds to your poolscape by creating uniform arcs of water that are crystal clear by day and vibrantly colored by night.

- Streams reach up to 7 ft. high and project outward up to 8 ft. into your pool, spa or other water feature

- Choose energy-efficient LED lighting for a nearly endless array of color choices

- Nighttime lighting effects include the ability to hold on a steady color or scroll through a range of available colors

- Installs flush to your deck or other surface so no unsightly or unsafe edges

- Adjust water streams vertically from 62° to 75° to create different heights and arc shapes

- Left and right direction can be adjusted up to 60° total

- Laminar deck lids are available in tan, black and gray to match or complement pool deck or other installation surface

- LED laminars include 100 ft. of electrical cable; simply connect to a 120/12VAC-100W pool lighting transformer to provide power

- The technical principle behind MagicStream Laminars is to remove all turbulence and air bubbles from the water before projecting it through a finely machined nozzle; the laminar water flow is very nonturbulent, so it keeps its surface tension and flows through the air in a smooth, clean, unbroken stream, instead of spraying apart into droplets

- Magic Stream Laminars ship fully assembled and ready to install


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