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Safety Pads

SoftSide™ Pool Landing Pads

(CPSC CERTIFIED!) SoftSide is an incredibly durable, 1/2" to 4" thick, slip-resistant covered foam padding system designed for water playground and pool use. Our product consists of a thick foam pad bonded to a textured PVC material. SoftSide is designed to meet today's demanding safety fall zone regulations, plus it's water tight and completely hygienic making it perfect for any water play area. 

SoftSide safety pad cutaway

Designers and end users can take comfort in knowing that the SoftSide landing  pad system employs the same installation methods developed for the RenoSys PVC Pool Shell. SoftSide may be installed for entire floor area installations or as custom built watertight pads (up to 10'x10') for owner installation. Tested to CPSC headfall drop test standards, SoftSide slide runout pads carry a 2 year warranty. Factory built and constructed of reinforced PVC encapsulated polyfoam, each pad is easily installable by your force account labor or by a local contractor. It's available in a "tapered on-grade" design (for existing facilities) and a "flush-with-grade" design (for new construction applications).

Modern aquatic facilities require CPSC tested landing pads in zones where special fall protection is required. Designers typically install padding systems in fall zones surrounding play structures, diving boards, at the run out or base of water slides, and beneath or around other water play aquatic features.

PVC color swatchesAvailable texture options include: slip-resistant, extra slip-resistant or smooth surface material depending upon the design application and are available in four different colors (lt. blue, dk. blue, white, and black). Designers seeking fall protection generally determine thickness selection by comparing the platform height of the play area or activity feature with the independent CPSC Guideline Head Form fall height test data (available upon request). Secure installation techniques involve a combination of underwater compatible caulking, mechanical fasteners along with fully fused welding of all PVC seams. Life expectancy of a RenoSys pad is dependent upon proper maintenance and the amount of facility usage. Normal installation is warranted to comply with the provided test data for a period of two years. It is the responsibility of the owner to make certain adequate fall protection is provided after two years.


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